(L-R) Paolo Scaroni (AC Milan Chairman), Think Equal Patron Lord Rumi Veerjee, Think Equal Founder Leslee Udwin and Pope Francis. At the Pelota De Trapo Launch.

On the 50th anniversary of Pope Francis’ ordination as a priest, the Pope inaugurated the new International Headquarters of the Pontifical Foundation for Education Scholas Occurrentes, in Vatican City in Rome. Among the Pope’s announced projects and initiatives, the Pontifical Foundation and Scholas will commit to launching in 2020 was Think Equal, Scholas and AC Milan Foundation collaboration “Pelota de Trapo” – ‘Re-imagine Education’ initiative.

The initiative aims to educate children (Think Equal) and youth (Scholas and Milan) in values, incorporating Think Equal’s early childhood education initiatives to convey social and emotional values to young people, so that they have the knowledge and skills needed to adopt sustainable lifestyles and promote human rights, gender equality, peace, empathy, compassion and cultural diversity. The ‘Pelota de Trapo’ initiative invites civil society, academics, entrepreneurs, institutions, governments, thinkers, athletes and artists to join into the Pelota de Trapo theme of building a new culture, a culture of peace, sustainable development and well-being.

The launch was attended by Think Equal Patrons Lord Rumi Verjee, and Indrani Goradia, Think Equal Founder Leslee Udwin, Think Equal’s Director of Programmes Giulia D’Amico, Jeffrey and Sonia Sachs of the Earth Institute Columbia University and the SDSN, Stefania Giannini ADG of UNESCO, Paolo Scaroni (President of AC Milan Football Club), WBC heavyweight champion Boxer, Deontay Wilder who was named an Ambassador for Peace through Sport, Belize’s First Lady Kim Simpliss, Think Equal Ambassadors Madhavi and Rupin Vadera and Jennifer Gross, and Hemant Goradia.

Leslee Udwin, Founder and CEO of Think Equal, said:

“This is a call to action: it is time to join hands and reimagine education to give our children a chance to have positive outcomes in life – to grow up loving themselves and one another regardless of religion, gender, ethnicity, or economic background. We must bring value – based learning and social and emotional skills to the core centre of the education system”.


WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder learns about Think Equal

WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder learns about Think Equal

Last Friday at the 'Pelota De Trapo' campaign launch with Scholas and Milan AC, Deontay Wilder was named Ambassador for peace through sport. We had the pleasure of meeting Deontay Wilder and introducing him to the Think Equal Programme. L to R: TE Director of...

Master Training in Mexico City

Master Training in Mexico City

10th & 11th January 2020 in Mexico City, Mexico – Think Equal’s Founder & CEO Leslee Udwin, and Master Trainer Marco Gutiérrez, assisted by Viri Gutiérrez, trained the next group of Think Equal Master Trainers from our amazing partners Fundación NEMI &...

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