Country Director: Leonard Mutheto

Programme Coordinator: Dr. Lucy Goitseone Hopkins

Botswana was one of the first countries to pilot the Think equal Programme from January 2017. Following a highly successful trial and great enthusiasm from the pilot teachers who witnessed positive and even transformatory behaviours in their children, the Ministry of Basic Education of Botswana decided to roll out the Programme to every Reception class in the district of Kgatleng (one of Botswana’s 9 districts).

”In our classroom the Mood Meter is always up, so kids plot their moods and feelings on the colour matrix according to how they feel, when they come in in the morning. They can also see their friends’ and teacher´s moods and the children then know how to react to them. One of my girls put her photo in the blue (“sad”) quadrant when she wanted to be hugged. A little boy came to hug her and said: “Now you can be green” (“Cheer Up”).”

– Neo Ratsatsi, Teacher, Gabarone

“I even saw one of my little ones, a 4-year-old – trying to stop a fight between 2 older children (around 6 or 7) in the playground. She was saying: “Stop. Breathe. What are you feeling? Name your feeling” – just like in the Ruler Programme, and they stopped. I was amazed”. Another child learned to calm down her mother who was raising her voice by saying, “no mummy, don’t shout, calm down and be your best self”.

– Sandra Nnebo, Teacher, Tlokweng