Country Director: Stacey Pelland

After having piloted in Edmonton and the Peace River region in Northern Alberta in 2017, Canada moved to a rollout in 2018 in the Peace Wapiti School District, Since September 2018, every Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten in the school district, as well as Early Learning centers and Daycares, have opted to teach the Think Equal Programme.

“They’re learning vocabulary to express themselves. They include in their drawings different facial and body expressions. Hearts have begun to appear on the chests of bodies in their drawings. They represent their own emotions and those of others with colours and they now know if they have high or low energy. They take up strategies worked on in the activities to help others calm down”.

– Francine Ricard, Head Teacher, Bobino Bobinette School, Edmonton.

“[I have seen] a huge change in the children recognizing other children’s feelings. There was a boy with social-emotional concerns (struggled with not wanting to share, drop off in the am, children not wanting to play with him and with hurting others). Since the THINK EQUAL Project, this child is now sharing with the other children and is using his words to express his feelings instead of his hands. Also, the other children are wanting to play with him. Just a few minutes ago I went in the room to drop off the new THINK EQUAL lesson plans and I observed him playing a memory game with four other children. I just stayed off to the side to listen to the conversation they were having amongst each other. I heard him say to the child that wasn’t making a match: “Don’t be sad, you can do it!” Then he put one arm around the child and gave him a half hug. It warmed my heart.”

– Gayle MacDonald, Director of Sugar Plum Day Care Centre in Peace River in Alberta, Canada