Country Director: Cristina Gonzalez (Encuentro Mundial de Valores)

Implementation Partner: Encuentro Mundial de Valores (EMV) and School for Compassion

The Mexico pilot programme began in August 2018 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

“They loved the activity with the mirror, they discovered they were different, and important. That
was a good start. Many children used to say: “I can’t do this” and have changed that to “I’ll give it a
try”. Also, with “this is mine”,they’ve learnt to say: “I’ll share this with you” and “you’re my friend”. They
are also not used to hugging or appreciating others, and now in the group they do this much more.
There is also a girl with PCI (cerebral palsy), and now she is included more in the group, they all
bring her things she might need to do an activity thanks to the programme, and they know how to treat
her better.”