Country Director: Dr. Koo Kim Choo

Singapore began piloting Think Equal in January 2018 and gathered data for a Yale evaluation report.

“In her classroom, there is only one child of Indian ethnicity. The other children would point him out as different, as dark. Now, they acknowledge the fact that they are all different shades of brown and they are all equal”

– Wendy, Teacher, Canossaville Kindergarten

“Children in general now share more, and better behaved than they used to be, more understanding, open minded and accommodating. They reflect more thoughtfully and have managed to drop gender biases when they are asked what they want to be when they grow up. Boys want to become teachers and girls police officers. One boy even expressed his desire to become a garbage collector because he wants to help keep his neighborhood clean”

– Principal Joann, PCF Sparkletots PCF Jurong Central