Country Director: Paba Deshapriya

Programme Coordinator: Micaela Martyn

Sri Lanka was one of the first countries in the world to pilot the Think Equal Programme. Think Equal has worked very closely with Government in Sri Lanka – both the Education Ministry and also the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils. The Programme has been translated into Tamil and Sinhala and the National Institute of Education and the Office of National Unity and Reconciliation have both worked together with Think Equal to ensure the programme has every chance of cementing a lasting peace in Sri Lanka. Think Equal’s Patrons are Rosy Senanayake, Mayor of Colombo and Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka’s Legendary cricketer).

“Children love looking at the books and doing the crafts. They love it. There were kids who were not very forgiving and there were plenty of fights and conflicts during breaks. There is now a much better conflict management and the children are much more polite and sharing. There is a lot of change”

– Teacher, LPF School Diyatalawa